(8/10/2016) Tabletop Giant is in maintenance mode and further development is on hold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the status of this project?

Development of Tabletop Giant is currently on haitus due to a fundamental lack of time. It is our hope that we'll be able to 'wake up' this project in the future as more time becomes available; failing that, opening up development through the deployment of a Github is also being considered.

How often is this FAQ updated?

Whenever we can - which is probably not enough. Most of our time is spent where it is needed most, and that is fixing bugs or implementing new functionality. If you spot something within this FAQ that seems outdated - it just may be. Feel free to drop us a note through feedback if you see anything out of date, or if you have suggestions on additional FAQ candidates.

What is Tabletop Giant?

Tabletop Giant is a web based application designed to support the popular Pathfinder Roleplaying Game by Paizo. It is currently in development. To date, we are providing a level 1 character creator, a means to network with other Pathfinder gamers, find and create playing groups, track your scenario completion and source ownership, plan and schedule Pathfinder games, and sign up to events including the ability to attach character sheets or other files to share before the game.

I made a character - how do I level it?
Currently - you cannot, at least not within this application. We realize this is far from ideal, and we are working hard to make this a full level 20 character manager. Like everything in life that is important - this will take time and effort.
What needs to be done before this becomes a full level 20 character manager?

We have an initial framework laid out within the application's infrastructure to support characters all the way to level 20. However, a way to interact with this framework by establishing the user interfaces and managing the many different aspects of character leveling will take time.

What is a "character slot"?

A character slot is your personal sandbox that you may use to create a player character for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Every registered member of Tabletop Giant gets a character slot for free. A character slot is not consumed when used; rather, it is occupied. A character slot may not hold more than one character at a time; however, if the player chooses to delete that character, the slot remains and can be used to create and manage a brand new character.

While every registered member of Tabletop Giant receives a single character slot for free, some users may find it useful to have multiple character slots. Multiple character slots may be gained by becoming a Tabletop Giant supporter through our Patreon donation page. Tabletop Giant will need a lot of community support in order to attain the quality that the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game deserves, and multiple character slots serve to thank those who take the extra step in supporting this effort.

What is "cloning"?

Tabletop Giant users may configure their creations to be 'cloned', which permits other uses to make copies of that character, rename the character, change its portrait, adjust its abilities and its various selections as desired, and thus use a pre-designed character as a template for a brand new personality.

What does access to Tabletop Giant cost?

Nothing. Tabletop Giant functions under Paizo's Community Use Policy, and by that policy we are expressly prohibited from charging anyone for access. Every single user will be able to create and manage a Pathfinder character for free, with full access to all sources we have available. However, with the initial release, we will be opening a Patreon account in order to accept donations and thus gain support, and levels of donations may be used to award site perks, including the ability to create and manage multiple characters.

What will these donations do the for the site?

There are two major areas which would be greatly improved through crowdfunded donations. Achieving both of them would have a profound effect upon the site's efficiency and developmental progress.

The first is the hardware - Tabletop Giant currently resides upon a server more appropriate for development or less labor intensive applications. Tabletop Giant is a very busy application by its very nature, and this can put a lot of stress on a CPU. One of the first things to be improved through donations would be the server, which will help to improve the overall speed and reaction time of the application. This will be increasingly important as the site grows - which we sure hope it does.

The second improvement would be establish full-time support of our core team. Tabletop Giant has been designed by a very small team of experienced engineers; however, by the necessities of life, this work is being done in off hours, weekends, and during any other spare time that can be found. With sufficient support of Patrons through Patreon, we can untie the hands of the core team and set them on a full-time schedule, which will have a significant positive impact upon the site's progress.

Can I use Tabletop Giant to create characters for my home game?

Absolutely, though we are currently limiting our scope to Pathfinder Society play and so any characters generated by this application would be created within the same parameters. We have a lot of plans for additional features to add to the site after it is a full level 20 character manager, and opening up functionality to handle non-PFS specific material is certainly something we would like to do.

Pathfinder sure has a lot of books - which of them do you plan to integrate with the site?

The current goal is to integrate all sources that are Pathfinder Society legal. We have gotten very close to that goal, though there are still gaps. If you spot missing material - particularly if it is material you would like to use for a player character - feel free to drop us a note and we may be able to make the content available sooner than otherwise.

Will players ever be restricted to what data sources are available to them?

No. Tabletop Giant does not include a concept such as "data package". All players will have access to all sources integrated into the site as soon as they can be made available, and this access will be automatically granted with no additional action by the player required.

Special Thanks


The first name on this list is rightfully the most obvious one - Paizo's development of the Pathfinder RolePlaying Game has provided us with a complex and rewarding game loaded with vast amounts of imaginative content, leading to hundreds of hours of social entertainment.

Members of the 'Pathfinder Society General Discussion' Paizo Forum

Tabletop Giant would not be where it is today without the contribution and involvement from the posters of the 'Pathfinder Society General Discussion' forum on Paizo's main site. One of the most difficult parts of developing something as complex as a character creator is identifying bugs, gaps, and issues - and these posters volunteered their time in order to help put Tabletop Giant on the right path.

This help was invaluable and is not to be forgotten. All individuals who were willing to try the site out during its earliest stages have been given the badge of 'Pioneer' to recognize their contribution. Users who have been awarded this badge automatically gain unlimited character slots.

One of the goals of Tabletop Giant is to evolve to directly support the needs of the evergrowing Pathfinder community. Feedback is extremely important as it lets us know what we are doing right, and what we are doing wrong - and we do listen. All feedback is valuable and we encourage all registered users to share their opinions and to help us identify bugs and issues wherever they may arise.

Archives of Nethys

We would like to thank the Archives of Nethys for its contributions to the community and for making Pathfinder data more easily accessible in a digital format. The Archives of Nethys is the creation of Blake Davis, who has done an awesome job and is to be appreciated for his efforts. The data made available by his work helped to expedite the generation of significant portions of our database, and we are thankful for that - further, Blake was kind enough to directly donate data from his database in order to assist in filling in gaps where we were lacking, which saved a significant amount of time.

The Archives of Nethys are running their own Patreon page, and supporting the Archives of Nethys helps to maintain an important and often used Pathfinder resource.

Font Awesome, RPG Awesome, and Josh Hunt's Font Awesome Plugin for TinyMCE

On a more technical note - the wonderful styling libraries and icons provided by Font Awesome and its fantasy themed spin-off RPG Awesome are highly appreciated. The icons and font provided by both CSS libraries help to lend a lot to the look and feel of Tabletop Giant.

We were also able to adapt RPG Icons into a TinyMCE plugin for use in our forums and posts by altering a great plugin created by Josh Hunt. When we first saw RPG Icons, we wanted to use them for forum posts - Hunt's work in creating a similar plug in was the direct programmatic inspiration that was needed in order to make it a reality.


So much of this site uses DataTables that it would be a shame not to mention them. DataTables is a jQuery based plugin that allows for a simplified creation of dynamic, queryable tables. This package is excellent and is only getting better.